I am a strategic designer operating at the intersection of Industrial Design, Tangible Interaction, and Future Exploration. I am most excited by the spaces where radical technology trends and consumer products collide.

I’m currently plying my trade at X, Alphabet’s Moonshot Factory.




Through my time working at X, Pebble, and Disney Research I have gained ample experience in and appreciation for shipping hardware and navigating highly ambiguous problem spaces. In both research and production environments I’ve used design to help teams develop clear and compelling visions of the future and, in collaboration with engineers and strategists, to translate novel technologies into thoughtful consumer products. 

I am originally from Arlington, Va and studied Industrial Design at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. I’ve had the fortune of studying abroad in Denmark and China, and or traveling extensively to China for work. I currently reside in San Francisco, California and am looking for new opportunities, please feel free to reach out.


IDEA Bronze Award, SIGGRAPH 2011 E-Tech Demo, 5 US Patents
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