I am a designer working at the intersection of Industrial Design, Tangible Interaction, and Fashion. I am most interested in the space where broad technology trends and consumer products collide.
New Website!
Welcome to my brand new website. I'm currently looking for opportunities in the Bay Area.




I’ve have had the opportunity to work on products at both small and large companies, in research and production environments. I strive to build products and experiences that function as part of a larger strategy, because nothing exists in a vacuum. I enjoy ideating and executing. For the most part, that looks like a lot of sketches, some interactive prototypes, and many many trips to China. I’m looking for new opportunities, please feel free to reach out!


Sketching, Ideation, Solidworks, Adobe Suite, Rapid Prototyping, Manufacturing, Electronics Prototyping, Softgoods 


IDEA Bronze Award
SIGGRAPH 2011 E-tech Demo
5 US Patents
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